Although the deadline for the 2009 contest has not been posted yet, the submissions are usually due by October of the year before GDC -- so plan ahead!

General site:

Submission rules from last year:

Open to all independent game developers worldwide
Seumas McNally Grand Prize ($20,000)
Excellence In Visual Art ($2,500)
Excellence In Audio ($2,500)
Innovation Award ($2,500)
Technical Excellence ($2,500)
Best Web Browser Game ($2,500)
Audience Award ($2,500)

Note that there is a specific student competition:

Best Student Game = $2,500
Student Showcase Winner = $500

All games included in the showcase also win a conference pass, some expo passes, and some additional money for travel.

Student specific rules:

Winners in 2008:

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I made it! Here I am! Hi! Hi! HI! lol.
It sort of feels like Tae Kwon Do class with this big open discussion! I am so interested in this! What do I have to do to prepare? Do I just need a game thesis? I have some artwork and storyboards for my game. How do I go about presenting this professionally? Does it cost any money?



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