Why do all recent rock/pop hits sound the same?

Call me ignorant (I probably am), but the latest popsy/rocksy hits all seem to sound the same to me. Watching a Top 20 last weekend, 18 of them had similar beats, lyrics, melodies and even vocals. What the hell is happening to music?

If you know any mainstream, QUALITY Nu Metal / Rock / Pop bands, post them here. Lead us to great YouTube videos and MySpace profiles. Prove your worth.

Do you know where all the crazy awesome bands have been hiding?

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Unfortunately, rock/pop genres are not the only one's that sound the same. Rap and R&B often sound the same as well at least as it relates to mainstream music -commercial radio & video rotation. :-(

I think the great bands and artists will emerge through niche marketing over time.

All of that stuff is controlled by some suit and ties staring at the bottom line of some numbers. NOT the music. This is what gets forced onto the masses because the hit prior to the one you are hearing now worked to generate some cash. Use a similar beat and a similar rhyme scheme and the one pop song spores to become MANY and the shite continues.

QUALITY and MAINSTREAM rarely if EVER go together.

here is a list of some QUALITY artists:

The The
David Sylvian
Red Sparrowes
TV on the Radio
Yoko Kanno - Anime Composer
Boom Boom Satellites
CSS - Cansei De Ser Sexy
Killing Joke
Massive Attack



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