Here is a list of some of the virtual worlds web developers and web development companies should be learning about - in the future, there will be lots of design work in them!

Bear in mind. The web is shifting away from designed and downloaded HTML to data services using XML (see Google Maps for an example). Once this becomes common, ANY program will be able to access web data. So in the near future all these virtual worlds will be able to access/display anything on the web - but in 3D rather than a flat web page.

More on 2.5D worlds later...
vSide - unlike Second Life, it is teen-oriented, and has a focus - virtual nightclubs. Developing a scripting language and ability to design objects.
Link to information
Kaneva - similar to Second Life - ability to design object, scripting language lacking at present.

There - ability to design and script objects, though end-users have to have their designed objects approved by There. This is due to There catering to teen and tweens, and the strict "PG" feature of this world.
Second Life - a well-developed scripting language called LSL similar to JavaScript. It allows you to create objects, and give them behaviors. It also supports importing HTML and XML data into the world.
IMVU - really a 3D IM/Chat - designers already create and sell virtual products there.

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