("Aurora Borealis" by Frederic Edwin Church)

I am a child
Of the Sky and the Stars
Loving and sweet as Venus
And fierce as Mars

I'm lucky as Jupiter
Each brand new day I
Bathe in a meteor shower
Under the Milky Way

Brothers and Sisters high
In a round of light
We paint the aurorae
On the canvas of the night

I am a child
Of the Sun and the Moon
I sustain the gull in flight
And soothe the crying loon

Porcupine petting - And
Rhinos meal at noon - Then it's
Off to the desert 'til the evening
Shift to shape the dunes

And I am the walrus
And the oysters too
If you don't care for us we don't mind
We still carry you

I am a child
Of the Stars and the Sky
Rock-a-bye baby I am
Wind in the rye

Children be careful
Or the fields will die - If there's
No food on the table
Children will cry

When the news breaks
Shadows will fall
Down tumbles children
Mother and all

I am a child
Of the Sky and the Stars
Some of my children
Have forgotten who they are

Children of the Sky
Children of the Sky
Children of the Sky
Children of the Sky

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Tags: aurora, child, demo, music, poligraf, prog, prog rock, progressive rock, sky, stars


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