("Emblem 45" from Atalanta Fugiens by Michael Maier)

The Lepufology Project is the story of Jack Babbitt, regarded as one of the world’s most trustworthy investigators of the paranormal, whose unfaltering curiosity for the mysterious leads on an international chase seeking bizarre rabbits of extra-terrestrial origin that finds its resolution in the tar sands deposits of Alberta.

The fifth and as of yet unwritten chapter is entitled « Lepufology Master Class : The Turnaround, » and is an account of the consequences of the success of the outworlders in their mission.

After the exploitation of petroleum and the use of its by-products have been forced to an unexpected end, at first the governments of many of the world high income economies openly admit that they don’t quite know how to react as the oil prices skyrocket, business activities slow down, and industrial production plummets. After much reflecting and debating, it becomes clear that the way forward involves rethinking and reorganizing the management of energy toward sustainability and renewability on a global scale, and restructuring the world economies in alignment with these values.

Unlike the other pieces composed for this project, « The Turnaround » is not intended as a soundtrack but rather as a rallying song, an anthem for progressives, activists, and anyone who is hoping to make this world a better place.

The lyrics have not been completed at this time. Here's what's publishable :

We are asking to live in a juster world
We are asking to live in a freer world
We are asking to live in a greener world
We are asking to live in a better world

We all deserve to live in a juster world
We all deserve to live in a freer world
We all deserve to live in a greener world
We all deserve to live in a better world

We are bound by the time
Earth isn't turning round
Inaction is a crime
One answer to be found
It's easy as the rhyme
We must turn things around
Do sing with us this time
I will turn things around !
Here comes the turnaround !

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