("Stone Wheel Juggernaut" by Serge Lachinov)

The fifth section of « Juggernaut » is entitled « Resilience, » which is defined as :

The physical property of a material that can return to its original shape or position after deformation that does not exceed its elastic limit.

An occurrence of rebounding or springing back.

In the storyline of the suite, the section portrays the situation after the traumatic experience, the metanoia, as the protagonists are bouncing back from the onslaught of « Steamroller. »

The piece is almost a twin to the second part (« Heedlessness ») in as much as they share the same structure and meters, and the motifs and rhythms are similar, although different. And just as for the second part, the lyrics and vocal melodies are still embyonic works in progress at this point.

« Juggernaut » is a suite which clocks in at a little under 18 minutes and is made up of the following six parts : « Prologue, » « Heedlessness, » « Procession, » « Steamroller, » « Resilience, » and « Epilogue. »

The composition has originally been inspired by a most painful experience which involved a rented house shared by six young and not-so-young adults, unannounced extensive renovations, and frictions and miscommunications of all sorts. It's intended to illustrate the hamartia/metanoia principle :

Missing the point. Yes, hamartia which meant missing the point, missing the mark. Now that got translated as sin. And repentance was metanoia, meaning a transformation of the mind, and got translated as pain, right? Penitence, repentance. The point is that repentance is merely to understand that you missed the mark, you see? (laughter) Therefore evil is missing the mark, basically. It is confusion, right? Its ultimate source is the kind of confusion I described about thought. - David Bohm

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