("The path to enlightenment" by rohit gowaikar)

"The Door Of The Law" is a suite in six parts inspired by "A Parable About A Parable" from RAWilson's "Quantum Psychology," itself inspired by Kafka's "Before The Law." (There is also a video version by jackhalfaprayer.)

After Simon tells his roshi the story of the man who waited at the door of the Law, he begs him to explain the dark parable. The teacher replies that he will explain it, if Simon follows him into the zendo. So the young American follows his roshi to the door of the meditation hall, and when they get there, the teacher steps inside quickly, turns around, and slams the door in his student's face. At that moment, Simon experiences Awakening.

The fifth part of the suite is entitled "Awakening" and is intended as an instrumental illustration of the process Simon goes through when the door is shut in his face.

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Tags: Kafka, Robert Anton Wilson, demo, music, parable, pedagogue, poligraf, prog, prog rock, progressive rock, More…roshi, suite, the door of the law


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