The Threshold Bookcast : Chapter 2 : Going For The One

Chapter 2 : Going For The One

In « Going For The One, » we meet Jake Harvey, one of the key political players of the era, and members of his entourage.

At the beginning of the chapter, the former businessman is settling in his executive suite for a determining weekend in Triton Aeolus.

« The star candidate mused that if the political crusade was very demanding, his motivations were very strong. Possibly for the first time in over forty years, there was a real chance of removing the almighty Conservative Party from office and actually changing the Global Government. The last time any other formation had been in charge of the Federation, the Liberals in that specific instance, he had yet to be born, thus he had never known any other regime. Nonetheless, this time around he was standing right in the eye of the storm, as the New Light Party, of which he had recently become the chief, was in position to write a new chapter in the history of Ovelian politics as instigator of the first coalition to ever be entrusted with the reins of power. And as if the situation wasn't sufficiently stimulating already, his atypical and charismatic style was yielding impressive numbers in the polls, keeping him in the limelight as probable leader of the gathering. He could recognize the feeling, and he knew what it meant. He could legitimately aspire to be the next Chancellor. »

As he consults attendants, associates, and advisers of various horizons, we discover how, over the course of the sojourn, the communications will have a tremendous impact on the fate of the Ovelian dominion.

The second chapter of the Threshold Series follows below. Have a pleasant reading !

On a background of environmental and financial crises, and religious influences intertwining with political manoeuvres to determine the fate of an overpopulated planet, The Threshold Series chronicles the saga of the Ovelian civilization, a society very similar to our own, as it heads towards one of the most dramatic chain of events of its history.

The first book, « 2206 : Window Onto A New World, » focuses on the end of the year 2206, which culminates on an important federal election that will be impacted by the discovery of an anomaly in the nearby outer space.

Each episode of The Threshold Bookcast consists in a complete chapter of the series, made available for free online reading.

For more details about the series and the bookcast, please see the introduction.

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